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Job Searching

Where do I start?

With the hustle and bustle of a degree, it can often feel like we're disconnected with opportunities for pursuing work. However, there are definitely options out there once you do some digging. We hope the resources on this page are helpful during your degree and in the job search process once you have your shiny new librarian hat on!

Our top 3 tips

It's never to early in your degree to start thinking about your career!


Don't be shy to ask about Graduate Research Assistantships. Many are possible to do remotely even if the description doesn't specify. Just email and ask.


Part-time students are only eligible to work part-time hours due to the collective agreement.


Job Boards

Job boards are great ways to keep up to date with job opportunities. Often, you can register with an account and have notifications about postings emailed to you. While you can always look at specific organization's webpages, here are a couple of job pages to get you started:

Foothills Jobsearch

Resume Prep

Once you've found a position that you're interested in, how do you prepare a resume? While Google is always helpful for examples and templates, it never hurts to hear from experience. Here's a video featuring Louise Reimer, formerly of EPL, about job search strategies and CV tips for library work.

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