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Presentations & Publications


LISTSERVs are applications that distribute messages to subscribers who register for an electronic mailing list. There are a variety of these mailing lists that cater to everything from archives to public libraries and everything in between. They also frequently include calls for papers and presentations. Here are a few to join to keep up-to-date with LIS news. 

ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom

Publishes the Intellectual Freedom News every Friday


Hosted by SLIS. Fosters communication among librarians, information professionals and friends in Alberta

Progressive Librarians Guild

Focuses on social justice in a library setting


A listing for information about Canadian archival interests and issues


The Forum for Information Professionals (FIP) is a one-day conference in February of each year.

All students of SLIS, online or on campus, are eligible to present their work at this conference.

Presentations are also archived through ERA and act as valuable resources for information or making some contacts. Visit the FIP site to learn more.



Pathfinder is a new journal started by students at SLIS. The journal's mandate is to publish the research of students and emerging professionals. Check them out here

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