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Bon Voyage!

Attending conferences and events is an important part of your degree. If you're attending as a participant, it's a valuable chance to open yourself to new information and diverse viewpoints. If you are presenting it's a chance to engage with others about your ideas and hone your professional communication skills. Before you go booking flights, make sure you check out the awards section of the website for information about scholarships and awards that might help subsidize the cost.

Click on the underlined conference titles in blue to learn more about each conference.

Late May / Early June 

This is the name for the humanities and social sciences umbrella organization under which several academic conferences take place. It takes place in a different Canadian city each year. Click on the conference titles below to see info for each conference.

CAPAL: Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians

CAML: Canadian Association of Music Libraries Archives and Documentation Centres 

CAIS: Canadian Association of Information Science 

Early May

Annual conference of the BC Library association.

OLA Super Conference
Late January/ Early February

A massive conference held by the Ontario Library Association. This is a biggie, especially if you live in Ontario!

Late April / Early May

The Alberta Library Conference.

ALA Conferences
Throughout Year

The American Library Association has several conferences in the year. The big one is in late June and there is also a midwinter meeting. Apart from those, there are regional chapters which have their own gatherings. 

Early June

Canadian Health Libraries Association conference. Held in early June, but not at Congress.

Late May

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries conference. Held in late May, but not at Congress.

Library Technician Conferences

A number of provincial Library Technician Associations hold annual conferences. This includes the Ontario Association of Library Technicians, The Alberta Association of Library Technicians and many more across Canada.

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